AbaoWT GRUuVin WiTh Yuu, Ayzhia GiRL (i’s Lii)

“When pracTicin’ Wuu ( WuuWei) SupremeLy: The iNfiniTii uv Tao can enTer tha heaRt, Tha Tiger’s cLaw can Tear, Tha Rhino’s horn can ThrusT, Tha TUuLs uv deFense are gLeaMing and sHaRpend and fear uv uTher Than ALLAH is greaTLy MiHN-i-miZed: Us MusLims uv RedLaoTao beLieV This is tha WaY iT WuZ in Tha BegiNning and Tha Way ALLAH wanTs iT Nao/now”- RedLaoTao chapTer 3, secTiuN 2 (Wang Pi’s B-boi EmbeLLisHmenT by YMZ/MiMW).

KhAanSTaNT ChaNge

ALLaHu AkBaR. My MuTher used Tu saY ThaT There is NuThiNg as KhAanSTaNT as a Change. The WuRLd is Changing kind uv fasT, iT seems Tu bee ,nowadays. Im faLLing in Luv wiTh aLoT uv EasT AYZhiAN STuFf and PeoPLe and WaYz. They been saying The Leadership uv Tha WurLd is moving Tu Tha ‘Far EasT’ and i couLdn’t be haPpier abouT ThaT. The WesT changed for Tha beTter aLoT LaTeLy and afTer 500 yeaRs i beLieve They reaLLy finaLLy produced a WurLd where peopLe like my kind couLd deveLop fundamenTaLLy and be ciTiZens uv Tha WurLd, so Tu speak. Strange Thing is, Tho: i donT wanT tu Leave Tha WesT; i wanT tu move south again or to tha wesT coasT and pracTice isLaMicTao as my ‘WaY uv Life’. I’m aLmosT 50 YeaRs oLd and i’m becoming ‘aT Peace’ wiTh IsLam, myseLf, and aLoT ThaT i reaLLy haTed for awhiLe. Tha future seeMs brighT buT,  aLoT uv Wrong, OuTdaTed waYs need Tu be acknowLedged and ‘struggLed/sTrived/and Thrived againsT. ALoT does need Tu be separaTed, reCategorized, and re-educaTed for Tha needs, aT hand. I’m hoping i’m 1 uv Tha 1’s ThaT geTs Tu Make a PosiTive impacT And DiFference. As scripTure says: owe no man nuThing buT tu Luv him (sMiLe).

aBaoWT Sum uv My “WesTSide Luv Hip Hop”

Ibn KhaLdun, A Moorish SocioLoGisT, wrote thaT tha nature uv hisToricaL governing was cyclicaL in NaTure: a “War Like” peopLe wouLd come Tu power ( by conQuesT uv oThers) and Then –in Time– become Woman Like,so To speak, when they became civiLized frum being Tha savages They were, and began pracTicing arTs and sciences other than Those which changed Their condiTion from ‘subservienT tu other men’ tu “MasTers uv Their own CoMmand”.

“ALLah doesNT change Tha condiTion uv a peopLe untiL They change what is in ThemseLvs,” ALLaH says in Tha NobLe Quran…

I’m LuVving aLoT uv “Raw WeSTSide Luv HipHop”  (sMiLe)