mY ResPonsibiLiTy: ShuTting DoWn?

I beLieVe Tha eSsenCe of mY ReSPonsibiLiTy noW is Tu pRePare To ‘LeT Go’ of suM ThinGs I maY reaLLy WaNT Tu Keep foR Tha Long Run buT preseNTLy TheY Are ( or are as Far as I caN TeLL) OveRLy TroubLesoMe. My undersTanding of Tao faVoRs ReduCing and LeTTing Go and (k)NoT aCcumuLaTiNG. Given Time, I may be abLe Tu eXPouNd and exPLain This Tu y’aLL buT for RighT Now suFfice iT Tu saY: I may haVe 3 oR 2 oR 1  oR No diScipLe-Wives. If They don’t obey Me I reaLLy can’T do/dew muCh foR aNY WiFe. The WurLd maY be shocked from a siNcere heaRT wHaT I wouLd ToLeraTe and acCePT buT I’m preTTy cerTain I aLmosT aLwaYs need my maTe or maTes to be suBordinaTe to my direcTiVes and Guidance. I beLieVe iN TaKing CounseL for decisioNs from Them buT, aT PresenT, i havenT goT ThaT yeT buT iT is STiLL ‘new and eaRLy’ in aLoT of waYs. ALLah Knows BesT and Good, iT is beLieved. ALLah knoWs aLL, i beLieve. MounTains haVe been moVed by now but iT seEmz mY indiViduaL personaL WanTs and desires mapY aLwaYs go unsaTisFied in Tha GraNd scHeMe. I pLaN To begin my new BLog and use This websiTe primaRiLy for fUn Once in aWhiLe; the LeVeL of undersTanding in This one is verY crude compared To my new ‘Wurking Wuu Kru’ comprehensioN and graduaL aPpLicaTioN of The ‘New KnowLedGe of The New SocieTy’. SincereLy,
MuhaMMad IshMaiL ManChuWu 


MuhaMMad A. ShabaZz

Dear ‘SweeTies’, (ConTacT paGe upDaTed)

How are y’aLL deWiNg/ doing? I’m . ShaWaNdra, TiFFaNY, DYNeSha,ANTOINETTE TaMaRra, BLaNChe, Myeshia, TaMeeKa …We aRe begiNNing in ‘DarKNess aNd Chaos’ buT This is hoW LiFe begins aLoT of TiMes for peopLe and oRGaNiZaTioNS. PLease KeeP Tha FaiTh aNd be PaTienT. I beLieVe we can Win and in a big WaY buT iT wiLL Take FaiTh in ALLah ( or WhaT ever NaMe Yuu caLL HiM by) aNd a ModeRaTe Tu sizeaBLe aMounT of Wu Wurku Wei. IM WeLL grounded wiTh The ‘TeachinGs’ I’m seriousLy aTtemPTinG To esTabLish (becaUse I beLieVe This is The onLy WaY The oTher AuThoRiTies of Tha Land wiLL leT me LiVe in Tha iLKhaNaTe of ALLah, wiThin The UniTed STaTes of ALLah [iOA/USA].LuV, Peace,BLeSsinGs, aNd The MerCy of ALLah be uNTo Yuu,
MuhaMMad isHMaiL MaNchuWu.

NeW seMesTeR: WhaT needs 2b DunN

  • Tu Tha iLkHan Kru: we gaaT sUm wORK Tu  do/deW. 
  • We need Tha foLLoWing MonThLy suppLies: abouT 150 disposabLe raZorZ( 3 different kinds, atLeasT– 1 kind exCeLLenT– LiKe ‘Bic’, and Tha oTha 2 can be mediocre/average( aLwayS use a new razor when shaVing, yuu don’t WanT To geT AIDS oR somEthing LiKe ThaT from a mainTenance man or somebody TresPaSsing in yuur reaLm ThaT couLd have sWiTcHed yuu an infecTed raZoR) , AIDS TesT purchase and TaKe; non aLcohoLic MouThWash as soon as yuu can comforTabLy aCcess This; MonTHLy presCribed medicaTioNs( daTes checked and prePped and 2 be refiLLed);bank  AcCounTs given abouT 4 business daYs To seTTLe wiThoUT any TRaNsACTioNs, Then check baLances and record WiTh daTes and TiMe on PaPer reKKoRds and digiTaLLy; MoNTHLy budGET and aNnuaL QuarTeRLy BudGeT To be doNe; Desired Purchases LisT (Groceries, fun Things, spiriTuaL acQuisITions To be aCcompLished:1 exerCise cycLe of aT LeasT 3 weeKs aTTemPTed ( sLoWLy and graduaLLy increaSing in InTensiTY To cLose Turn Tha end of Tha cycLe. ANnuaL QuaRTeRLy cLeaNing suPpLies purchased and sTored and invenToried wiTH oTha suppLies; cash biLLs and QuarTers and 1$ coiNs  acCesSed  for poSSibLe pubLic TransporTaTion and LaundrY faciLiTies, eTc.;  abundaNT  QuaRTeRLy heaLTh and hygiene suppLies; SWeeT sTimuLaTions ( Thingz LiKe Coca KoLaa, ice Tea, and  Qaafi/coffee; 1sT and 2nd mobiLe deVice aNd pHone seT-uP ( check payMeNT of These and and when. they exPire and Then record on PaPer and digiTaLLy, WiTh oTher biLLs due; MonTHLy, Bi-MonThLy, and WeekLy hygiene dunn (Like clipPing Nose hairs, fingernaiLs, and ToenaiLs.

    BRiefLy aWN mY undersTaNding of MusLim MaRriage

    i WaNT To geT maRried soon buT, onLy under IsLaMic LaW as I undersTaNd it. I’ve beeN researching This somewhaT recenTLy and mosTLy haVe Kum Tu Tha KunkLusioN ThaT iF iT haPpens foR Me and mine iT ALLaH WiLLing WiLL b someThing of a CoMMon LaW AgreemenT beTWeen my sPousE(s) aNd mYseLf. MaRriage in AMericA is Too risKY finaNciaLLy aNd oTherWise To abide by ThaT puNishing MaRRiage seT-uP ThaT is in pLace. ALLah WiLLing I pLan To get Tha permisSion/ bLesSing of mY inTended’s chaperone/ guardian iF she is a youNg VirgiN and I LuV. i beLieVe Their guidAnce WouLd Keep her from becoMing More vuLneRabLe Than is necessaRy. If she is oLder and has had sexuaL exPerience WiTh soMeOne, Than I pLan To proCeed WiTh Tha MaRriage Tie wiThouT Their peRmiSsion if necessaRy buT WouLd WanT Their BLesSings.

    I aLso pLan Tu haVe a pre-maRriage LisT of aGreements beTWeen uS, ALLah WiLLing, (preferabLy in WriTing) and an agreeMenT To a baSic, IsLamic eduCaTion for my spoUse(s) and aNY chiLdren posSibLe Tu be had; i don’T eVeR WaNT KidS buT, jusT in casE. This is jusT Tu sHiNe a LiTTLe moRe LighT on tha doMesTic circumsTances i’m aTtemPTinG To esTabLish, in Tha naMe of ALLah. LuV, Peace, and BLesSingS,
    Yu MuhaMmad ZhiVago. A.k.A.
    ‘Tha NoMad’

    AaK-TowbiR 2016 IsLamic Tao ThaaWTs  (uPdeY-Tid 09/19/2017 CE):

    AaKTowbiR 2016 IsLamic Tao ThaaWTs:
    ” The wURds eNda-sTinK and uNcLeer apPeer mini TyMz eN chapTeR 21 uV Tha ‘Tao Te ChiNg’. (w)e find Tha “Great UNKNoWN” aT Tha hearT uV exisTence. No maTteR How (w)e probe iT, ToTaL UndeRsTaNdiNg eSKaYPz Us. eVeRYTYm (w)e saaLV one PuzziL aNuTha preSenTs iTseLf…” Derek Lin, Tao Te ChiNG(ca-MiHN-Tearii)chaPTeR 21, ParaPhraYZD bY (YMZ/MAS/CDB).

    “Perhaps…(w)e are enTaaTeeZ of PYuuR KhaaNciuSNeSS that have Learned Tuu “MAYK maNifesT” in the physicaL uniVersS Thru ThaWURKiNgs of Life…When Yuu innTiRaacT WiT utherz, See them not as PhYsicaL BaadeeZ but, as SpiRiTuaL inNergee..”
    Derek Lin, Tao Te Ching commentary