AbaoWT “LoST soLs'”

Im almost 50 now, and im starting tu luk back in alot mor spiritual way than i used Tu. I now acknowLedge 5 chiLdren uv mine: MandaLa Shinar, HaSAan TAariq, AnGeL ShabaZzi, ALi Baaba, and MiNGquu ChiNuKk. I know realistically i may not be tha father uv 1 (or i maybe tha faTher uv 100 or mor– hu knoWs if they take my seed when i go tu “Tha FieLd” and then implant it, later) but, in an effort tu make peace with my past and luk tu a brighT fuTure, i now acknowLedge these heirs in my daiLy prayer and meditation services. Tha RemeMbraNce uv Them uSuaLLy brings alot uv peace tu my heart (smiLe). Im sLowLy geTting a picTure uv Them and tha LeSsoNs im trying tu teach them and tha wurLd.

Peace be Tu Yuu,

Sayyid Muhammad iShMaiL ManchuWu


MuhaMmad A. Shabazz

Hi ShaWaNdRa, DyNEe, dr.ErAan

I hope i speLLd yuur Name righT, doc. I miSs y’aLL. Im wishing Tu See y’aLL This yeaR, hopefuLLy. For WhaTeVer reaSoN, i knoW i don’T uSuaLLy heaR FruM peoPLe aFTer abouT Tha 1sT coupLe muNThs uv giviNg TheM my bLog addresses buT, sumhao i ThinK aT LeaST a Few  uV y’aLL wouLd LiKe To get acQuainTed wiTh me beTter. Maybe, iT is jusT WiSHFuL ThiNKing. I began praying for my WanTed inTendeds, ReCeNTLy 

(BLancHe, T-Ma,DyNee, TiFf, BrooKe, JoY, Myeesh, ShaWaNdRa, Dr ChanceY, ERAaN, DasHi, AnToiNeTTe, TaMEeKa, and TareY.) Hi, YoaMNa, iT wouLd be NiCe Tu geT Tu knoW Yuu beTter, as WeLL (iF yuu LiKed).

Tha TiMinG is EverYThing, Tho. 
As WeLL, This YeaR i pLaN 2B a ‘buiLdiNG aNd ESTabLiSHiNG’ Year for Me, ALLah WiLLiNG. I wouLd jusT LiKe Tu Spend a LiTTLe TiMe seTTing up Tha TerMs for a FuTure ReLaTionship and began spendinG

‘QuieT TiMe’ whiLe geTTiNg Tu Know EacHOTher. There’s No RuSh, Tho. I jusT miSs Y’aLL MuCh. STay SWEeT, SWEeTieS.

LuV, MuhaMmad