AbaoWT “SaYiNg HAO”

WhaT’s Up (Wuuhuu!!! SomeHao,i beCaMe ThaT BLack DuKk), KMaRy and T-Ma? Jus saYiNg, i’m sARRY abAoT The Way ThinGs have been, reCeNTLy. HopefuLLy,We can STruGgLe/ sTriVe and Thrive Thru our ChaLLenges, in Tha Name of ALLaH ( He has maNy names That He is knoWn by). I knoW im probabLy making sum hurtFuL misTaKes. PLease, ForGiVe me. I mean WeLL. 


SaYyid MuhaMmad iShMaiL MaNChUWu


MuhaMmad A. ShabaZz