Emerging From Darkness Note1:

“…Tao (as Wu) is the dark womb (WUuMB) that pours out and receives back aLL Beings. Its unceasing fertiLity is due to Its unceasing activity, blending and preparing aLL that have reTurned to it for their reemergence into the Light of existence (being/ Yu).
” ELLen Chen, Tao Te Ching Ch 4 commentary.

[“…Though Tao can’t be heard and seen, man imagines/ (subSTRuCTFaTHoMS)its real features in the Light of its Present effects. Hence the saying: It’s the form of the formLess, the image of the imageLess.” Han Fei, Tao Te Ching commentator from 3rd century BC.

Tao (as ThiS:Gai(Chinese))is the “Dark, inaudible & ungraspaBLe” (note MAS/YMZ/AAKK).]

Qur’an 65:11,see.

[iT’s abouT THaT TiMe, i NEed Tu SubLiMaTe, [(SmiLe) ThaT MeANS EnTer DaRk/BLaCK- GooDNeSs/gReaTNeSs].

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