AbouT My New BLog:RedDeLTa3Tao.bLog. (uPdaTed 11/06/2017CE)

GUd DaY, KRU, Gud DaY. PLease ForGiVe Me, I posTed Tha Wrong Web address, preVioUsLY, in HasTe (HaSTe doEs MaKe WasTe). The CorRecT address is above.

Hi, Brooke, KuZzins DYNesHa, TamaRra, and Erica (TaLk To Yuu SUuN, ALLaH WiLLing), TiFfaNY, aNd AnToiNeTTe, MyeShia, aNd ShaWandRa (I beEn MediTaTing aLoT MUur, receNTLy, I Think oF Yuu aLAAT When I do/dew.)sMiLe. 

To aLL Tha iLkhAaN WuMihN, I pLan To poinT oWT Tha ‘Red Lao Tao’ VieWs on daTing, Wuduu (minor WaShing for WuRSHiP), GhuSL (MaJoR WaShiNg For WURShiP), and KhAaNVERsioN PRacTice ( When 1ST ‘ReTuRNiNg’ TU ALLaH’s (He has MaNY NaMes anD aTtribuTes He is KnoWn By) PeaCeFuL WaY oF LiFe ( IsLaM oR AnoTheR), SUuN; insHa ALLaH (ALLah WiLLiNG) in Tha NeXxT 3 MonThs. pLeaSe sTaY sWEET and STaY Tuned. 

LuV Ya,

MuhaMmaD A. SHabaZz


As SaYYid MuHaMmaD IsHMaeL ManCHUWu

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