mY ResPonsibiLiTy: ShuTting DoWn?

I beLieVe Tha eSsenCe of mY ReSPonsibiLiTy noW is Tu pRePare To ‘LeT Go’ of suM ThinGs I maY reaLLy WaNT Tu Keep foR Tha Long Run buT preseNTLy TheY Are ( or are as Far as I caN TeLL) OveRLy TroubLesoMe. My undersTanding of Tao faVoRs ReduCing and LeTTing Go and (k)NoT aCcumuLaTiNG. Given Time, I may be abLe Tu eXPouNd and exPLain This Tu y’aLL buT for RighT Now suFfice iT Tu saY: I may haVe 3 oR 2 oR 1  oR No diScipLe-Wives. If They don’t obey Me I reaLLy can’T do/dew muCh foR aNY WiFe. The WurLd maY be shocked from a siNcere heaRT wHaT I wouLd ToLeraTe and acCePT buT I’m preTTy cerTain I aLmosT aLwaYs need my maTe or maTes to be suBordinaTe to my direcTiVes and Guidance. I beLieVe iN TaKing CounseL for decisioNs from Them buT, aT PresenT, i havenT goT ThaT yeT buT iT is STiLL ‘new and eaRLy’ in aLoT of waYs. ALLah Knows BesT and Good, iT is beLieved. ALLah knoWs aLL, i beLieve. MounTains haVe been moVed by now but iT seEmz mY indiViduaL personaL WanTs and desires mapY aLwaYs go unsaTisFied in Tha GraNd scHeMe. I pLaN To begin my new BLog and use This websiTe primaRiLy for fUn Once in aWhiLe; the LeVeL of undersTanding in This one is verY crude compared To my new ‘Wurking Wuu Kru’ comprehensioN and graduaL aPpLicaTioN of The ‘New KnowLedGe of The New SocieTy’. SincereLy,
MuhaMMad IshMaiL ManChuWu 


MuhaMMad A. ShabaZz

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