AbouT “freSh ouT…”

So I’ve been ouT da FieLd AbouT a monTh, aLL praises is due To ALLah, afTer dewing abouT 40 days. EveryTime I go To da FieLd noWadaYs I have abouT Ten TighT (exTremeLy) LiTTLe Life/happiness knoTs To unTangLe to proCeed To haVe a chance To grip These. Ah WeLL, ThaT’s Life, or so They say (smiLe). Good Day Tiff, Tamarra, Myeshia, Dynesha, BLanche and Mrs. CaLabrash Wherever you are.

     Once again, I’ve been cuT off from my phone numbers To my phones because Those deViLs keep acTing deViLish buT, WhaT eLse can you reaLLy exPecT from The Wounded WaLkin’ sHamed ( I sympaThize, I used To be a LiTTLe Like ThaT aLoT, myseLf). LeT’s Try To Keep Keepin’ On WiTH The KhansTanT remembrance of ALLah in our hearTz and miyndz. I’m sTiLL on my aparTmenT kompLex grounds abouT 4hours a week aT sunrise and beTween 3/1500 and 6/1800 easTern dayLighT saVings Time (smiLe) during Tha WurK Week; maybe I WiLL see 1 of yuu sWeeTies Then. I WouLd Like ThaT oVer Time, I beLieve. I pLan To puT a beTTer ‘khaanTacT info’page very soon in Tha fuTure.

(AyaTuuLi/ i- a-TooLy MuuLi) IshMaeL ManchuWu


Muhammad Abdullah Shabazz