Wu KnowLedge, DesireLessness & Wu Work

“Wu KnowLedge”, DesireLessness & “Wu Work/ Wu Wei”

‘Wu KnowLedge’, ‘DesireLessness’, ‘Wu Work/Wu Wei”

(…Thus, when the wise person rules/governs/pracTices “Wu Work/ Wu Wei” They empty /fasts the minds of Their people, fiLL their their own and their peopLes beLLies , if possibLe/(sTrengThens Their bodies, i beLieve)): note by Muhammad A. Shabazz) ( The besT Pro-vision is To do/dew one’s duty: Quran.) weakens their (worLdLy)desires and strengthens their bones and bodies, in a manner of speaking. ALways the wise person keeps Their peopLe in “Wu knowLedge”. peopLe dare noT act (independent of ALLah’s wishes-ALLah has oTher names He is Known as by by many peopLe). This is a presenT undersTanding of Muhammad A. Shabazz: daTe: 5/22/2017 CE: Common Era.

“PracTice “Wu Wei /Wu Work”(the ‘Art of NegaTion for Good/ minimizing for good/ decreasing for good, among some definiTions) then aLL is in order”
Tao Te Ching, ChapTer 3.

The benefit of Taoist practice is It facilitates and eases communion with the Wuji/ Wu Chi state through the cycles of Yin and Yang, i beLieve; See Wuji/ Wu chi note YMAA: i beLieve This is correcT: noTe by Muhammad A. Shabazz. (“Wu Chi/ WuJi” is To be unLimiTed and unbounded, so To speak, i beLieve. this if i’m noT misTaken is in The Tao Te Ching, chapTer 28: NoTe by Muhammad A. Shabazz; expLained To him weLL by ELLen M. Chen’s commenTary of The Tao Te Ching, which is The book/canon of The Way of Goodness/Nature/peace, LooseLy TransLaTed.)

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