AbouT “Don’T you Worry…”

     So, i’m Looking back on the pasT 25 years and iT’s been kind of incredibLe. AT about the age of 22, i began to seriousLy question what parT i wanTed To pLay in society; my answer began To form: a reLigious acTivisT for BLack peopLe.

     In the Time since Then, there’s been aLoT of TesTs ThaT confronTed my faith and convicTions. i began sTumbLing immediaTeLy when i seT ouT on my Journey and feLT bad and Like i faiLed for the vasT majoriTy of The 25 years ThaT passed. BuT a LiTTLe whiLe ago divine LighT began giving me a neW Way To Look aT my Life and proceed aneW, ALLah Be Praised. A neW day dawned.

     The spiriTuaL energy ThaT has ConTinuousLy nourished my drive, pasT and presenT, were the Things of “sTruggLe-navigaTed”. iT’s a very saVory meaT buT, Takes a good WhiLe to prepare. There Was some hearTache and Pain. My Weakness aLmosT cosT me WhaT i was reaLLy and uLTimaTeLy searching for. i had To pracTice PaTience many Times againsT my wiLL. i had To keep Trying To reorienT Toward righTfuL conducT. BuT more ofTen Than noT There was someWhaT of a peacefuL foundaTion ThaT informed me Peace Was WanTed mosT: Peace WiTh ALLah, Peace wiTh peopLe, and Peace wiTh my Loved ones and SeLf. Harmony, SpiriTuaLiTy, and Khanciousness Were beginning To Take rooT back Then When i Was beginning To quesTion myseLf and roLe i wanTed To pLay.

     In yuur journey of Life i wish yuu Peace and Luv. SincereLy, 

Yu Muhammad Zhivago

About “One STep ForWard”

“A journey of 1000 miLes begins wiTh one STep”- Tao Te Ching
Today marks one monTh That i’ve been out of “The fieLd” and i’m just starting to geT in a righTfuL rhyThm, iT seems (ALLah Be Praised). i meT a feW speciaL peopLe When i was in “The fieLd” ThaT i beLieve may facTor significanTLy in my fuTure, ALLah WiLLing, and i reached ouT To Them; hoWever, iT seems more chaLLenges prevenTed my aTTempT aT communicaTion wiTh These peopLe, sadLy. My mission conTinues seeking ALLah’s Guidance and heLp to esTabLish “sTep 1” wiTh These “sWeeT Wishes”. For noW, i pLan to keep trying to LeT them know They’ve impacted me and i’m trying to reach Them, ALLah WiLLing.

-AyaTuLLah AnWar Khumayni Khan


-Yu Muhammad Zhivago