Some Like It, *QuuL:

And thy Lord inspired to the bee, saying: “Make habitations in the mountains, trees, and in what the peopLe buiLd. Then eat of aLL the fruits, and foLLow the ways of your Lord estabLished (for thee). There emerges from their beLLies a drink, varying in coLors, in which is a heaLing for PeopLe. CertainLy, in that’s a sign for peopLe who Think.” -Qur’an 16:68-69
     So, I’m pLanning to make another website, Lord WiLLing.  it wiLL be soLeLy about my personaL THEORY (that’s just a science word for “beLief”), PRACTICE, ART, & DEVELOPMENT of T’AIWUQUAN (PeacefuL Wu Force): SpirituaL KungFu of IsLam.For right now,  this wiLL be bLogged in this new category, DEW-GOODER-WUU-WATER, being that I don’t have the  incLination or resources presentLy to have 2 websites, separateLy.
*QuuL means “Say” in Arabic. The Qur’an orders the beLievers to say certain things. This bLog TitLe is a PLay on Words of the movie TitLe, “Some Like It Hot”, which I never seen. PersonaLLy, I Love it CooL and QuuL (smiLe).
-AyatuLLah Anwar Khumayni Khan

About The SiciLy HistoricaL Posting

SiciLy reminds me very PLeasantLy of a Town I Love: Camden, NJ USA. RaciaLLy, I’m probably a Lot Like the darker SiciLians, as weLL, from what I understand, being that I’m a descendant of BLack, White, Native American, and possibLy Jewish ( One of my grandfathers passed for KhauKasian and Looked Jewish to me and had a Jewish Last name).

AyatuLLah Anwar Khumayni Khan