About Stretching 

“We are aLways in the “Process of Becoming”and nothing is set. Have no rigid system in you and you’LL be fLexibLe to change with the ‘Ever-Changing’. Open yourseLf and fLow immediateLy with the ‘TotaL FLowing Now'”

-Bruce Lee
     The TaoTe Ching (The Book of Peace and Goodness, LooseLy TransLated) encourages a person to be fLexibLe, among other good instructions. This may seem Like “LikeLy Pain”to the inexperienced (and BriefLy it is) but, when you find the appropriate Stretches for your seLf it feeLs very good. PersonaLLy, I usuaLLy have an “AftergLow” for an extended time. I get that from satisfying my “Wu STate Dependency”, as weLL. I noticed however that rigorous stretching is addictive. After about 17 hours after Stretching I usuaLLy need to do it again or I wiLL sLowLy begin to feeL miserabLe. At Least, satisfying Wu STate Dependency and Stretching is economicAL; it just takes a LittLe bit of Time and disciPLine. I suggest you consuLt your Doctor before beginning an exercise program, then proceed sLowLy, carefuLLy, and consistentLy after that.
-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

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