About “Swimming Dragon” Qigong (Updated ¬†2 or 3x)

This form is the best for my practice of Qi Gong. if I’m not mistaken, I feeL the “Life Force Energy” (chi) circuLate through me as I do it. It seems to me to be the most effective form I’ve tried, cLearLy. But I personaLLy go through physicaL dependence withdraw symptoms after about a day and a haLf after it,without it, after regular practice.
-AyatoLLah Anwar Khomeini  Khan

update 2 or 3?:12/14?/16: The new speLLing  of the name “AyatoLLah Anwar Khomeini Khan” is “AyatuLLah Anwar Khumayni Khan”.

ALL Praises is Due To ALLah

Nursing “Light” (Updated 2x)

So, it’s Thanksgiving time. This is one of my more appreciated times of the year. Not because of the hoLiday but, because of the weather (its usuaLLy cooL, sometimes sLightLy chiLLed).
Its about when i began thinking of winter and, in recent years, Looking forward to most of it. This year is the same, aLthough it may be more chaLLenging, i beLieve, due to what i consider a “De Facto Promotion” for My seLf and this new “unit” i consider myself part of, aLL Praises due to ALLah. I think “we’re moving on up” (smiLe).
TaLking about Winter: Taoism teaches that historicaLLy it was when the Chinese cLosed the gates and the passes of the Land, peopLe stayed indoors, and business haLted, and the prince didn’t tour the regions. This was the time when the empire focused on the newLy emerging power of Yang (Light, which began to increase symboLicaLLy about December 22nd,by the Sun.) Because it was just newLy emerging, as it was physicaLLy represented, it had to be nursed and nurtured and nourished, because it was weak. This is where i think our new unit is, presentLy.
We’ve been,and are being, and most LikeLy wiLL be tested by the “Establishment” in aLot of the “perceived, foreseeabLe future” but, utimaTeLy i beLieve we shouLd understand that ALLah God said we wouLd be “tested” and uLtimateLy He is in charge. We need to strive to pLease Him.  We aLL probabLy  made some understandabLe mistakes and are LikeLy to continue doing that. But, I beLieve we can win coLLectiveLy and individuaLLy if we Strive to PLease ALLah God. i’m stiLL wishing to be with thee.

     SincereLy, with many “PLeasing Thoughts”,

  AyatuLLah Anwar Khomeini Khan

Update 1: 11/25/16:”…it sometimes seems intense desire produces not onLy its own opportunities but its own ‘TaLents’, as WeLL” 

– Bruce Lee

update 2: 12/14?/16: I now prefer to use the word “wanT” than “desire” in the above Bruce Lee paraphrasing. “Want” is more appLicabLe to my own personaL understanding of “Wuu”; as weLL, I prefer to use the word “Rewards” insTead of “TaLents” as I beLieve this has more “squaVing” meaning. ALLah God wiLLing, I pLan to teach these “Khancepts” sLowLy as my understanding of them deveLops. LastLy, I wouLd Like to say the Qur’an says, “in the heavens and earth are signs/ Quran verses for a peopLe that beLieve…and in ourseLves”;  that’s what I beLieve AyatuLLah means in Arabic, however I maybe wrong. The new speLLIng of the above name which is now”AyatuLLah Anwar Khumayni Khan”represents a super impregnation of meaning of what I beLieve, am Learning and practicing  , and teaching as much as I’m abLe.

ALLah knows best

About Stretching 

“We are aLways in the “Process of Becoming”and nothing is set. Have no rigid system in you and you’LL be fLexibLe to change with the ‘Ever-Changing’. Open yourseLf and fLow immediateLy with the ‘TotaL FLowing Now'”

-Bruce Lee
     The TaoTe Ching (The Book of Peace and Goodness, LooseLy TransLated) encourages a person to be fLexibLe, among other good instructions. This may seem Like “LikeLy Pain”to the inexperienced (and BriefLy it is) but, when you find the appropriate Stretches for your seLf it feeLs very good. PersonaLLy, I usuaLLy have an “AftergLow” for an extended time. I get that from satisfying my “Wu STate Dependency”, as weLL. I noticed however that rigorous stretching is addictive. After about 17 hours after Stretching I usuaLLy need to do it again or I wiLL sLowLy begin to feeL miserabLe. At Least, satisfying Wu STate Dependency and Stretching is economicAL; it just takes a LittLe bit of Time and disciPLine. I suggest you consuLt your Doctor before beginning an exercise program, then proceed sLowLy, carefuLLy, and consistentLy after that.
-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

“Thinking Of A Master’s PLan”

“The restrictive Law of IsLam is our Success at any Time.”
– Master Fard Muhammad,(Founder of the “Lost and Found Nation Of IsLam In The West”)

“Ye must gain mastery if you’re BeLievers.” -Quran

     So, I’m thinking about the Future and am both Khanfident and apprehensive about it. The Tao Te Ching impLies that peopLe (some or many?) come cLose to succeeding, then faiL at the end. I’m trying to stay conscious of this Lesson.

      Things seem to subtLy be going so weLL, presentLy, that my circumstances seem previousLy unfathomabLe, and yet to vaLidate my new “Wu” understanding and work (My book writing is now fuLL of CLarity and Coherence, in my opinion, and,so far, progressing smoothLy,as WeLL.) OnLy by the Grace and Mercy of ALLah, though, I know. I’m preparing for some setbacks which, I beLieve ,wiLL uLtimateLy advance my goaLs. At Least, the more appropriate ones for myseLf and the peopLe I Love and care about.

     I beLieve I’m struggLing and striving, PeacefuLLy. ALLah Be Praised!

     To my Teams, I have had many pLeasant thoughts of aLL of Thee. PLease, pardon my moments of confusion, which stiLL sometimes occur. They are becoming rarer, though. Love Ya!
-Yu Muhammad Zhivgo