Tao Te Ching, (chs.5054) BriefLy Expounded

                         Chapter 50:

“…I have heard that one who knows how to nourish Life on Land meet no tigers or wiLd BuffaLoes, in battLe need no armour or weapons, a wiLd BuffaLo has nowhere to thrust its horn, a tiger has nowhere to sink its cLaws, a weapon has nowhere to Lodge its bLade. Why? Because such a one has no pLace for death.” “This stanza describes those who are deathLess. What is deathLess is the unceasing Life producing activity. The person at one with this unceasing creativity is immortaL.” ELLen Chen, paraphrased
                     Chapter 53:

Tao produces, Te (Goodness) raises,

Wu shapes, circumstances compLete…Tao is respected, Te (Goodness) is treasured, not by command, but by the spontaneous fLow of nature.

Thus, Tao produces, Te keeps, grows, nurses, matures, ripens, covers and buries. Thus, Tao produces without cLaiming to possess, works without hoLding on to (end resuLts), grows without Lording over, this is the dark/ prime     Te (Goodness).

                   Chapter 52:

The worLd has an origin, which is the worLd’s mother (mu)…having known the chiLd, return and abide by its mother. ( In this way) one Loses the body/seLf without becoming exhausted or perishing.

BLock the openings, cLose the doors, one’s compLete Life is without toiL…To see the smaLL is iLLumination. To abide by the soft is strength. UtiLize the bright Light but return to the dim Light…Do not expose your Life to periLs, such is to foLLow the EverLasting ( Law?)

The Taoist worLd is born of Tao…stILL the Taoist worLd does not have the same substance as Tao. Tao as mother (Mu) has no substance, it is nothing ( Wu).

                        Chapter 54:

One who is weLL estabLished is not uprooted, one who embraces can not be separated from, the offspring shaLL sacrifice without interruption. In cuLtivating this in one’s person, the person’s Te ( Goodness) becomes genuine…Thus, rise high to attain the truth (kuan) about the person by the person…”

“…The worLd that’s coming out must be rooted in the hidden Tao if it is to prosper…” ELLen Chen, paraphrased.