1. “O ChiLdren of IsreaL, caLL to mind My favor which I bestowed on thee and that I made thee exceL the nations, and guard yourseLves against a day when no souL wiLL avaiL another in the Least…neither wiLL intercession be accepted on their behaLf, neither wiLL compensation be taken…neither wiLL they be heLped. And (remember) when We deLivered thee from Pharaoh’s peopLe, who subjected thee to severe torment, kiLLing your sons and sparing your women, and in this was a great test from your Lord…and (remember) when We parted the sea for thee, so We saved thee and drowned the peopLe of Pharaoh…and when We appointed a time…with Moses (Musa) then did thee take the caLf ( for a god) after him, and ye were unjust. Then We pardoned thee in order that thou may give Thanks. And ( remember) when We gave Moses ( Musa) the Book and the Discrimination that thou may waLk a right.And remember when Moses (Musa) said to his peopLe: O my peopLe ye SureLy wronged yourseLves by taking the caLf ( for a god),  so turn to your Creator…so He .(ALLah?) turned to thee( mercifuLLy). SureLy He is the Often ReTurning (To Mercy), the MercifuL. (Remember) We raised thee up after thy stupor that thee may give Thanks. And remember when We said: enter this city, then eat from it pLenteous  ( food),We wiLL forgive thee thy wrongs and increase the reward of those who do good…SureLy those who beLieve, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever beLieves in ALLah and the Last Day and does good they have their reward with their Lord, and there is no Fear for them, neither shaLL they grieve.” Quran2:47-54, 56,58,62