Another Message To The “Weak & TroubLed “

Another Message To The “Weak & TroubLed ”

Some Nice Things To Think About:

“This is a reminder. And surely there’s an exceLLent resort for the dutiful: Gardens of Eternity– The doors are opened for them. RecLining Therein, caLLing Therein for many fruits and drink. And with them are those modest in gaze, equals in age. This is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning. SureLy this is Our provision; it wiLL never end.” Qur’an 38:49-54

“The Weak is put to good use by the Tao (Way/Path).” Tao Te Ching (The Way of Good and Peace), ch 40

The Prophet Muhammad said to his companion: “…’Be not sad (nor afraid), indeed ALLah is with us.’ So ALLah sent down his Sakinah (peace, caLmness) on him and strengthened him with forces thou seen not…and the word of ALLah, that is the uppermost…” Qur’an 9:40

“And he (or she) who brings the Truth and he (or she) who confirms it…they shaLL have aLL they wish for from their Lord…ALLah wiLL cancel the punishment for the worst of their deeds and reward them according to the best of what they’ve done.” Qur’an 39: 33-35

By The Redness Of Sunset

” In the name of ALLah, the Beneficent, the MercifuL. When the heaven bursts asunder, and Listens to its Lord, and is made
fit, and when the Earth is stretched, and casts what is in it, and becomes empty…O peopLe, thou must strive a hard striving to thy Lord, until thou meet Him…But nay, I caLL to witness the redness of sunset, and the night and that which it drives on, and the Moon when it grows fuLL, thou shaLL surely travel from state to state…”
Quran 84:1-4,6,16-19

     So, as I said before: I think a lot more work needs to be done by myseLf in the upcoming years, Lord WiLLing. There seem to be a lot of issues confronting me that require the diligence of Wu StyLe IsLam/T’aiWuQuan/IsLamic Tao ( these are the names of my personaL discipline that I’m trying to develop; it isn’t necessariLy new or has had originated with me).
     Right now, we’re getting ready to have a change of power. UntiL very recentLy, that stressed me something terrible. The vast majority of the past 8 years have been difficult for myself. Six of those years I rented a room from my sister, and didn’t feel that weLL. The past 2 years have been a grand improvement from that. I’ve been happy in my new circumstances. But ALLah may be informing me that it’s time to put my nose back to the grind, possibLy.
     I tried to get both Chris Christie and Marco Rubio elected as President, since 2015. That wasn’t meant to be, though. I thought they’d both be peaceful and financiaLLy responsibLe. I thought Chris Christie would be a good teacher to the “have nots”, after his Presidency, and I thought Marco Rubio would cross poLLinate the minorities of America, although I thought he was young to be President. Neither of these options maTeriaLized.
     **Tonight, HiLLary CLinton is debating DonaLd Trump, in an attempt to become the next President. I think whoever of these 2 wins the Presidency my Life wiLL stiLL be personaLLy  chaLLenged. But I think HiLLary CLinton is more suitable for my own personaL interests to support. That’s what I’ve been doing, of Late. Not much, but what I can afford. WouLd I actuaLLy vote for her? I would but I don’t think I’m going to cast a baLLot this election due to concerns that voting for any presidential option would be detrimental for me  now, individuaLLy, as opposed to a voting bloc.
     But I’m endorsing her and financiaLLy supporting her. That maybe an “Oxymoron in Motion”. But, as of now, I think its correct, or somewhat-correct. I think she,ENCONGRESSED with the right people, can do weLL, maybe exceptionaL. I got my reservations with just about any poLitician, somewhere. But, I think I should show some LeveL of support for who I think may nurture America and the world, according to what reaLLy needs to be done, and what the peopLe dictate. I may be wrong but, i think America needs to develop other “brands” of power, for the future.

**This post was written September 26th, 2016.

Yu Muhammad Zhivago

My New “Wu State” Dependency

“…depend on ALLah, if ye are beLievers.”

Quran 5:23

“… in governing the reaLm and Loving the PeopLe, can you practice Wu Wei (see: June 16, 2015 post)?…to pratice/do/work/govern  yet not depend (soLeLy) on one’s own abiLity…” 

Tao Te Ching, ch 10
So,for a LittLe over a month I’ve been addicted to “Wu STates”: being cLean and in order, serving the AbsoLute as weLL as possibLe and often, and “Returning to Keep the ‘1’, (see:recent post).) I’m Loving IT but, it is chaLLenging. At times, very chaLLenging. But the deep-seated Peace of my souL knows fuLL weLL that I never want to go back to the way it was before. At Least, that’s how it feels, now.

     To my surprise, I even find myself “Returning”/ making IsLam’s formaL prayers in pubLic, occasionaLLy. I need it to stay on track and have Peace-of-mind. The pubLic prayer deveLops a deep, mentaL Faith that Lasts about a month.

     Tao teaches to “know” the EternaL Law of the Universe is to “Be” estaBLishing unity with that UniversaL Law/Path/Way, constantLy. As I said before, in IsLam we caLL this Tawheed. My need to satisfy “Wu STates”,in part, is how I “depend on ALLah”.

“…He (ALLah) is Ever, to the Often-Returning (to ALLah) Forgiving.

-Quran 17:25
ALLah Be Praised! We can pLace our wishes with Him.

A Note On The Ibn Taymiyyah Post

The Ibn Taymiyyah post talks about his “jihad”. I would Like to clarify something that I think needs it. From more than one source deemed ” knowLedgeabLy sound” I have Learned that there are about 4 different categories of struggle/ jihad in Islam. The struggle/ jihad against the ” so-caLLed enemies” of islam is the LAST category and the struggle/ jihad against the “self” is the FIRST. IsLam is to defend Mosques, Churches, Synagogues, Monk’s CLoisters, etc. , from what I understand of the Qur’an. These are the places where “ALLah is Remembered”. My personal struggle is to make manifest my teaching of IsLamic Tao, personaLLy, then to share it with America first, then possibly the worLd-at-Large ( not because I originaLLy sought this but, because it seems I have no other option to achieve what I want as an individuaL.) Tao teaches “Acceptance is cLarity”,  Tao also teaches “Be firm/resoLute because you have no option”. I think this is the mission I’m being sent on by ALLah, ULtimateLy, though it Looks Like it’s from others. I’m scared but, I believe success is possible.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

ALLah Said In The Qur’an:

“And when My servants ask thee concerning Me (ALLah), indeed I am near. I answer the prayer of the requester when he caLLs on Me, so they shouLd hear My caLL and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.”
-Quran 2:186

MauLana Muhammad  ALi commentary to said verse:
In the midst of ordinances…happens this verse which taLks of the nearness of ALLah to humanity and of the acceptance of their prayers…(fasting) undoubtedLy inspires a Living consciousness of the existence of ALLah in the mind. This is the idea of the words “My servants ask thee concerning Me.” A real and earnest search for the ‘Supreme AbsoLute’ is raised in the mind.
     “I am near…” is the reply to that inner search…ALLah is near but that consciousness only increases the desire to get nearer and nearer to HIM. (The requester is told that ALLah answers his caLL when he caLLs upon ALLah: note YMZ). (Getting near to ALLAH) must be implemented by actions of obedience as the words “…they shouLd hear My caLL,” indicate… WhiLe ALLah even accepts the prayers of the unbelievers sometimes, (much more ALLah accepts the prayers) of His faithful servants. Thus, while ALLah is even MercifuL to those who exceed the Limits, His dealing with those who caLL on Him and pray to Him is that of a Friend.”

Thinking About ALLah’s Love

“And among His (ALLah’s) signs is that He created for thee mates from among yourselves, that ye may dweLL in Peace with them, and He put Love and Mercy between thine hearts. VeriLy in that is signs for those who ponder.” Quran 30:21

“Thou can’t stop the preordainment of ALLah.”- saying attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, Sahih MusLim

From what I currently understand, everything about Life, Creation, and or Existence is already written but, somehow we stiLL have Free Choice. ALLah be Praised (smile)! 

Daak Kien Shan Receives His Orders

WhiLe meditating on a coLd, very dark evening, Daak Kien Shan (see June 26, 2016 bLog post) envisioned an image of himseLf fuLfiLLing his preordained duty: A Peace-Keeping tour of duty to/ for the  PeopLe of West Magribi, Iran. He feeLs very chaLLenged by this and some what afraid but, he beLieves if he practices at peak form he wiLL be successfuL. He stiLL has to study and practice the discipLine of the “SchoLar Warrior”, Though, to stay motivated and “On Point” for his mission.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago