Brief Expounding About The “Tao Te Ching Summary”

  .    Minister Farrakhan, in a speech taLking about “UniversaL Law”, said that ALLah reguLates the affairs of Creation through Divine Law, to put him in my own words. The Law he is taLking about I BeLieve is the “Tao”, “The Way” of Creation as we know it. The Tao Te Ching, the CLassic Of The Tao/Way And Goodness, instructs and guides us on the way the universe works, and acts as Divine navigation through existence. 
     The summary post on the Tao Te Ching paraphrased states that some consider it addressed to Chinese High Society and for the ruLers. This is not compLetely accurate in our opinion. WhiLe it is a book that teaches one how to “ruLe the reaLm”, the reaLm to be ruLed by this Guide can beLong to anybody, royaLty or commoner. We caLL those cuLtivating the Tao the “sovereign”, foLLowing the Lesson taught by Derek Lin. We strive to be the “sage”, the “sovereign” and even the “soldiers” of ALLah.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago