Speaking About “KnowLedge”

“…Of knowLedge you are onLy given but LittLe.” -Qur’an 17:85

“If I have but LittLe KnowLedge waLking on the Path I Fear onLy to stray from IT…” Tao Te Ching ( The CLassic of the Way and Goodness), ch 53

     So, the World-at-Large has begun a new day; a day fuLL of both chaLLenge and promise. PreviousLy, we might have asked ourseLves: Are we ready for this? The answer which continues to be trumpeted back to us is that we’re constantLy being formed and fashioned, and readied step-by-step, incrementaLLy for this. This is a beautifuL time we’re Living in. ALLah has bLessed us, yet once again. A brief portion of a sermon I heard from Minister Farrakhan has refocused and re-oriented me back to this concLusion. The “Asiatic BLack man” (to define ourseLf in the words of the Honorable ELijah Muhammad) is back on the scene, and getting back on his feet.
     In short, I think we as young, newLy commissioned, BLack men wiLL do weLL to focus our minds on-and dupLicate many of the practices of- the greater White, IsLamic, and East Asian centers of education and civilization (to begin with), aLL whiLe consciousLy forging our own understanding of the “Straight Path” and Taoist phiLosophy. If we do this, I beLieve we, en masse, can move to the top echeLons of universaL society, Like the Honorable ELijah Muhammad said we couLd, even in those dark and desperate times he originaLLy made this boLd prediction. Today is much brighter. I beLieve that with the heLp of ALLah we can do it. It just may be a question of do we reaLLy want this, which too is a  reasonabLe question.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

About “Wu Tang KLan…”

Enter the 36 Chambers was in my opinion as fierce as Hip Hop got for my day and age. The ShaoLin Kung Fu concept was emuLated and reformuLated as Hip Hop music by Wu Tang. This is the “Strike fast and Kick ass (pLease, pardon my Language)” styLe of battLe. The western world Loves this styLe of competition. PersonaLLy, I’ve come to cherish the sLow, yieLding, and receiving styLes of competition and seLf defense, Like Tai Chi and Judo. They seem more naturaL practices for the Long term and better adapted to take on other forms in paraLLeL worLds. But the fast and hard styLe is what youth identifies with, in more ways than one a Lot of times. Nevertheless, it took me over 20 years to fuLLy appreciate a Lot of what Wu Tang was actuaLLy representing. From what I understand, the Rza stiLL remains revolutionary by teaching and promoting the game of chess and martiaL arts to At-risk youth in CaLifornia, with Adisa Banjoko. To me, that’s Keeping it real, SupremeLy.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

Mecca-nized & pLeasant-Lii Sir-prized

“ALL the World has been made a mosque for me/ the True BeLiever/ the MusLim.” -paraphrased saying of the Prophet Muhammad

“YieLd and be WhoLe, bend and be Straight…”
-Tao Te Ching (The CLassic  of the Way and Goodness), ch 22

     So, I’m getting ready to ceLebrate 2 special anniversaries this week, Lord WiLLing. The TimeLine seems to have fLown but, that’s probabLy because I was practicinlg my Faith to the best of my abiLity, aLL the whiLe. There were times I aLmost broke but the Mercy of ALLah saved me in my ignorance. The graduaL reveLation of Truth (l emphasize graduaL) enabLed myseLf to press forward at a LeveL of understanding and  knowLedge I was abLe to handLe, AL Hamdu Li ALLah ( ALL Praise is due to ALLah).
     I’m now practicing IsLamic Tao, whoLeheartedLy and at a pace I beLieve peopLe can understand  and be encouraged to begin their own journey on the Straight Path ( SiraatuL Mustaqiim, Tao). This is truLy teaching IsLamic Tao, I beLieve, which I beLieve ALLah wants me to do.
     The Qur’an teLLs the beLiever to “Spend in the way of ALLah,” to put it in my own words, and that’s what I was forced to do, yet again, but it feeLs good to know that that too is practicing the Deen ( the IsLamic Tao way of Life as I understand it). It’s been difficuLt but with difficuLty there’s ease, as the Qur’an teaches.

Mecca: The originaL home of IsLam as it was taught by the Prophet Muhammad, Pbuh.

Lii; My rendering of the Chinese word “Li”: Law, principle, paradigm.

Sir: Tao and U.S. Army teaching; I don’t have to toiL when I practice my way of Life.

*This post was originaLLy written on JuLy 12th, 2016 but do to unforeseen issues it was not abLe to be pubLished untiL now.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

About “The Ghetto”

I was born in a smaLL city that wouLd eventuaLLy wind up being very dangerous, discipLining highLy, and yet in many ways coerced. My Dad opened the inner chambers of this worLd for me and gave me the surest foundation that was possible for him. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t reaLize how vaLuabLe this introduction to the “Hood” was. After being forced out of my comfort zone and having to start my own “struggLes” (aLthough nowhere near as harsh as probabLy most of the ones of the People of the Hood) I have gained a new found respect for these people who constantLy encounter chaLLenge. This Summer I briefLy reconnected with the “Hood” and it feLt good and re-orienting. I didn’t reaLize how much this soft, suburban-raised seLf needs them to be on point in a good Way. This song reminds me of the beginning of my journey from chiLdhood to the unknown.

NiLe Inundation (G)

If I remember correctLy, the NiLe Inundation (FLood) is about  The 2nd or 3rd weak of the month of JuLy of the JeweLian caLendar. They caLLed it the dawg days of summer because of the dawg star Sirius is seen at this time. This was the time of year that the NiLe river fLooded. These fLoods caused a Lot of chaos. This corresponded with what I’m going through at roughLy the same time of year.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago