About “The World Is Yours”

Minister Farrakhan when commenting on the teachings that the Honorable ELijah Muhammad brought to the BLack peopLes of America said that it was Light mixed with darkness. He compared it to the dawning of the day and how Light grows GraduaLLy, if I remember correctLy: It takes time to adjust to the Light. That basic principle is why I incorporated some Hip Hop music I Liked when I was first returning to IsLam to this bLog: to meet the newcomer to IsLam at their own beginning LeveL of adjustment to the Light.
     This song has some eLements that can be considered negative but overaLL it stiLL feeLs Like a breath of fresh air when I hear it. This is the type of music I pLayed when I feLt Like America’s uLtimate, BLack sheep underdog. It gave me a needed sLant in a hostILe environment.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago