A Personal Note On Practicing Meditation

“In bringing your spiritual and bodiLy souLs to embrace “Oneness”, can you never depart from IT? In concentrating your breath (chi: aLso transLated as ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’) to attain softness, can you be Like an infant…”- Tao Te Ching, chapter

“WiLL they not then meditate on the Qur’an, or are there Locks on their hearts?” – Qur’an 47:24

     The post about breathing meditation is from the Buddhist website I Learned how to meditate from. ALthough it’s a Buddhist site it cLearLy states that this meditation can be practiced by anyone, Buddhist or not, to paraphrase in my own words.
     It took me about 3 weeks to “go under”  in my meditation practice. That may be a short or average Length of time for successful meditation, I don’t know. I was in a pretty peacefuL frame of mind when I began practicing, and, from what I understand, that heLps a great deal. I guess you kind of have to “decompress” first to succeed in meditation. If you notice you’re stressed out…maybe you can begin your practice with a few months with what they caLL “contempLation”. PersonaLLy, my sessions needed to be about at Least an hour and a haLf (preferabLy 2 hours or more) of being stiLL and quiet, and thinking my mind over;  I now many times stiLL do this for up to 3 or 4 hours and find it very rewarding. This probabLy comes under the category they caLL “AnaLyticaL Meditation”. My breathing or “deep” meditation I onLy do about 20 minutes a day, aLong with my Qi Gong practice. I have found that the breathing meditation and Qi Gong, once began, need to be practiced reguLarLy or a feeLing Like “withdrawal” happens without it.