What Is IT (IsLamic Tao)?

“Recite that which has been revealed to thee of the Book and keep up Prayer…certainLy the remembrance of ALLah is the greatest (force)…”
– Qur’an 29:45

“Seek knowLedge, even if you have to go to China.” – Recorded IsLamic saying, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

FuWuT’aiQuan is the practice of the religion of IsLam, or, better yet, the Way of Life of one category of MusLims, probabLy those who find it chaLLenging to practice the “traditional” form of IsLam but who stiLL want to be “practicing IsLam”,
although there’s the reaLization that more discipLine may be needed and desirabLe; the practice is aLso informed by what is beLieved to be the historicaL Lessons of the Tao. Peace with ALLah, peace with nature and man, as weLL, to cuLtivate the “Sovereign essence” native to humanity.

“…O my people, remember the favor of ALLah to you when He…made you sovereigns and gave you what He gave not to other nations.” -Qur’an 5:20

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago