About “ALLah’s Mercy” and men’s fear

“When We give men a taste of Mercy, they exuLt there at. And when ever some eviL affLicts them because of what their (own) hands have sent before them, behoLd they are in despair…” -Qur’an ,30:36

“Say:if you control the treasures of the mercy of my Lord, then you wouLd withhold (them) for fear of spending…”

“Thus, what the peopLe fear I shouLd fear as weLL but, I can’t depend on it in appLying myseLf.”  -Wang Pi, Tao Te Ching, chapter 20 commentary

ALLah says in the Qur’an: “My Mercy encompasses ALL things.”

About “know/no sLeep…”

I hated the 80’s. But it was a time of birth. Looking back , it seems like it was dominated by a bunch of cocaine and sex addicts.
     I visited New York for the first time towards the end of the 80’s. A MusLim approached me and began a conversation in the subway. I didn’t understand any of it at the time through my inteLLect. But now I see it spirituaLLy, so to speak.
     I was asLeep in many ways. The MusLim merchant toLd me his organization was teaching Arabic to chiLdren and building schooLs. He was wearing MusLim garb and seLLing Literature. In time, I wouLd wind up being a happy enthusiasts whenever I acquired more of his Leader’s literature but, at first it made me feeL very uncomfortable. He cLaimed to be a descendant of a spiritual, African kingdom. He taught IsLam as he understood it.

About “Who/Hu got Da props”

Looking back and Listening to this track brings back pLeasant memories of my youth. This is the “young guns” music Like the HoLLywood western movie by the same titLe. This music is very pleasing at first experience for me. But, as a middLe aged IT (IsLamic Tao) practitioner, I have to begin breaking it down spirituaLLy.
When we’re oLder we can Look at things from the cLearer viewpoint of oLder age, wisdom, and distance. We can reaLize that we can Love a thing which is bad for us and hate a thing which is good for us, as the Qur’an teaches.  But if we’re honest with it ourselves we can correct ourselves with the assistance of ALLah.

I’m not saying this music is a bad thing. In our young adulthood we’re stiLL very much asLeep in many ways.it may be even more accurate to say a Lot of us have just went to sLeep after being awoke by our parents and teachers when we were in our youth

.but ALLah has ordained sLeep for people and probably aLL or most Living creatures. This aLL, most, or a lot of us can agree is natural.
     This song speaks of a lot of the soLdier ethos ( being sharp and on point and causing chaos);  a lot of people think that’s cooL untiL they are on the wrong end of the gun. Speaking as a former ” gunslinger” (but one who never discharged his weapon at anybody)  I can say I whoLeheartedly Love The Way of Peace, IsLamic Tao. I’m presentLy coining my private interpretation of this FU WU T’AI  QUAN (The return of the ‘WU’ peace force, LooseLy transLated). It’s based on the peacefuL scriptures of the Qur’an and the Way of Peace and Good (the Tao Te Ching, or Lao Tzu). But those 2 scriptures instruct the soLdier, the sovereign, and the sage, as weLL.

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

About How to perform SaLah Posting

I think personaLLy that this post about the formaL IsLaMic prayer is outstanding but the onLy suggestion I’d make is keeping the hands foLded higher than the beLLy button in the standing position. This is the more conservative way and supported by Hadith (the sayings and Deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.)

About “Aqua Boogie” Post

“Nothing in the world is softer or weaker than water. Yet, nothing is better at overcoming the hard and strong. That is because nothing can take its pLace. That the weak overcomes the strong and that the soft overcomes the hard everybody in the world knows but can’t put into practice. Thus, the sages say: “The one who accepts the humiliation of the state is caLLed a master. The one who accepts the misfortune of the state becomes the sovereign of the empire. The Truth seems Like the opposite”

The Book of The Way and It’s Power (a.k.a. Tao Te Ching, or the Lao Tzu), ch 78

What Is IT (IsLamic Tao)?

“Recite that which has been revealed to thee of the Book and keep up Prayer…certainLy the remembrance of ALLah is the greatest (force)…”
– Qur’an 29:45

“Seek knowLedge, even if you have to go to China.” – Recorded IsLamic saying, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

FuWuT’aiQuan is the practice of the religion of IsLam, or, better yet, the Way of Life of one category of MusLims, probabLy those who find it chaLLenging to practice the “traditional” form of IsLam but who stiLL want to be “practicing IsLam”,
although there’s the reaLization that more discipLine may be needed and desirabLe; the practice is aLso informed by what is beLieved to be the historicaL Lessons of the Tao. Peace with ALLah, peace with nature and man, as weLL, to cuLtivate the “Sovereign essence” native to humanity.

“…O my people, remember the favor of ALLah to you when He…made you sovereigns and gave you what He gave not to other nations.” -Qur’an 5:20

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago