About “The Truth…” Musical Post

” You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free…” -Bible statement attributed to Jesus

“The restrictive Law of IsLam is our success at any time.” -The Supreme Wisdom Lessons of the Nation of IsLam ( a MusLim sect)

     It is my sincere beLief that IsLam came to free humanity from the grasp of the Devil, reaL and imagined. The Qur’an teaches that the Devil has no authority over the true believer. Furthermore, the Qur’an teaches that the Devil only invites to wrongdoing and a faLse promise, whiLe he himseLf bears witness to and fears ALLah.
     During the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), sLavery was firmLy entrenched in the middle east. SLavery was practiced by Judaism, Christianity,and IsLam and mankind has been subjected to many an oppression which actuaLLy put him in bondage but, were caLLed something other than sLavery. IsLam set the stage for the graduaL aboLishment of sLavery. The graduaL impLementation of IsLamic teaching and its discipline is a time-tested and weLL respected method of IsLam, historically. The Qur’an teaches that righteousness is to “set sLaves free,” among other things: chapter 2, verse 177. But this could not be done overnight. The sLavemaster needed to be weened off the institution of sLavery, and the sLave had to be made independent after being made totaLLy dependent on the sLavemaster. Both of these needs were monumentaL to overcome because sLavery was so thoroughLy in effect. But, if I’m not mistaken, that was one of the original aims of IsLam at its birth. We as MusLims may have been remiss in that practice, though.
     We’re to be free, so to speak, but with freedom there’s responsibility.

“Have you not Learned that your word shaLL be bond regardless of whom or what? Answer: Yes. My word is bond and bond is Life…” -The Supreme Wisdom Lessons of the Nation of IsLam.

About “We Can Dream”

“If you sometime feel  your Life has nothing to ‘say’…”

   The Qur’an, aLong with being spiritual nourishment, is a response of rhyme, reason, and argument to the disbeLiever, or potential beLiever. It often commands the MusLim to “say” a certain response  to defend the IsLamic view. For example, the 112th chapter, which is about the Oneness of ALLah, begins:”Say:’He ALLah is One.'” IsLam teaches us what to say, do, and beLieve for our own good. It gives us a say in matters.

“It’s up to you and me to find a new way…”

The Qur’an says, “For each of you We appointed a Law and a Way.” This may mean that we aLL need to find our own individual “way” within the infinite embrace of IsLam. Tao is usuaLLy transLated as the “Way” or “Path”. The way of IsLam is the Straight Path the MusLim tries to waLk. The Way of Tao is the Eternal Law of the Cosmos.

“We’LL take the time to expand our minds…We’LL find the answer…”

ALthough mind expansion may have had its historical origins with drugs Like Marijuana and Peyote, in this day and age I think those type of things are mostLy unnecessary. With my psychotropic medication ( I LiteraLLy feel like I have a continuous, sLight Marijuana high), meditation, and pursuit of my understanding of “Oneness”, I feel like I aLmost aLways got my head right (even though I know I’m technically mentaLLy iLL) and I feeL primed enough to handLe most of my current chaLLenges. I feel as though ALLah is giving me many answers directly through my discipline that I’m coining “Fu Wu T’ai Quan. I wish the same for yourself.

“Dreams can come true…”

I beLieve this is seLf-expLanatory  but usuaLLy doubted by many of us.

The Peaceful Withdrawal

“Allah Loves not the utterance of pubLic, hurtful speech…”
-Qur’an 4:148

“…CLose the mouth. Shut the doors. BLunt the sharpness. Unravel the knots. Dim the gLare. Mix with the dust. This is caLLed Mystic Oneness (which in our belief is one aspect of practicing Tawheed, the fundamentaL foundation of IsLamic practice.)
-Tao Te Ching, ch 56


FU WU T’Ai Quan is first and foremost an IsLamic discipline and the meaning of IsLam and its practice is peace. We are encouraged to reason with peopLe by what is best in IsLam and caLL to the way of Our Lord with wisdom and goodLy instruction. We dont assume that we are better or more righteous. We don’t assume that we are righteous at aLL. ALLah says that ***HE*** knows best those who are rightLy guided and those who go astray.
     FU WU T’AI QUAN is a force but it’s a gentle, YieLding, peaceful force which is practiced sLowLy, consistentLy, and under discipLine. We Learn from the past, we practice presentLy and beLieve, and we Look to the future.
“…I would rather not advance an inch but prefer to withdraw a foot…so, when evenLy matched forces meet…the side that is compassionate wiLL win.”
Tao Te Ching, ch 69

“ESTABLISH REGULAR PRAYER, FOR PRAYER RESTRAINS FROM SHAMEFUL DEEDS AND EViL DEEDS; ANd the Remembrance of ALLah is the greatest (Force) without doubt. And ALLah knows the (deeds) that ye do.” -Quran

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

Emptiness & The Peace State, pt 3 (The Successful Return)

“SuccessfuL indeed are the beLievers.” -Qur’an 23:1

“UtiLize the bright Light, return to the dim Light.”- Tao Te Ching,
ch 52

The “Return” is a spiritual journey, which may or may not include mystical vision, and the goaL of said journey is “Embracing the ‘1’” or manifesting ” the Oneness of ALLah”, in order to “be” one with the “Tao” (The Universal ‘Way’ of ALLah). It is aLso caLLed “Keeping the ‘1’”, or “Guarding the ‘1’”.
It’s accomplished in the 1st stage by making intention to embrace the “1” or “Oneness” and then exerting effort to achieve that goaL. A couple of the practices utiLized to achieve that goaL are meditation or the formaL IsLamic prayer. Practicing martiaL Arts or other rituals may aLso be used, like the art of Qi Gong. These practices can be used to bring about a “single-pointedness” of the “Path traveLLer” which wiLL consoLidate their physical, mental, and spirituaL entities in order for them to then find “the ‘1’ within”.

The second stage in this styLe of Return process is caLLed “YieLding In Chaos”. This is achieved by reLeasing oneself to the moment-by-moment chaos of the external worLd, whiLe our seLf is “whoLe”, which, in the Long run, is beLieved wiLL bring about a deeper ordering. The individual seLf/body begins to be negated in order for the “Cosmic seLf/body” to be born, which is embodying the “Way” or “Tao”. The Tao Te Ching taLks of this in its 13th chapter:,”…the reason I have great misfortune is because I have the seLf (I’m Living the “INDIVIDUAL seLf/body”). If I have no seLf, what misfortune do I have ( in other words, if I’m one with the totality of being)?” YieLding In Chaos is the Tao cultivator’s experience of the “INDIVIDUAL seLf/ body” interacting with the external worLd.
The 3rd and finaL stage of this styLe of “Returning” is the “Return” to “keeping the One”. The Tao cultivator’s in a non-differing, harmonious, and peacefulL existence of oneness with the Tao.Yin and Yang, Light and Dark,stILLness and motion, etc. are one. The practice moving forward from this stage is just the maintenance of this peacefuL “Oneness”‘, Tao schoLars inform us. In IsLam, practicing the “Oneness of ALLah”, or it’s concept, is known as ” Tawheed”,which, whiLe traditionally different in meaning from the above, is still an expression of “Mystical Unity” which the above is aLso, as weLL as being the foundation of IsLamic practice; the above is the foundation the FU WU T’AI QUAN discipline, which is IsLamic.

“Enter the ULtimate Emptiness. HoLd on to the truest ‘Peace’…”
-Tao Te Ching, ch 16

“The Cipher!?” I echoed.
“Yes, the pLace where aLL the pLaces of the worLd meet without mingLing, beheLd from every possibLe angLe at once…”
I tried to make sense of it
“But isn’t the basement very dark?”
“Truth never penetrates a resisting mind. If aLL the pLaces of the worLd are in the Cipher, then aLL sources of iLLumination, aLL Lamps, aLL veins of Light are there.”
“I shaLL go and Look at once.”

-J.L. Borges, “The ALeph”

-Yu Muhammad Zhivago

Practicing Loving WuWei (detached action)

In governing the reaLm and Loving the PeopLe,  can one practice  Wu Wei (detached action)?  — -Tao Te Ching, ch 10

In my Tao Studies, I’m now Learning the worth of sLowing down, Learning the art of sLow rhythmic breathing, and the worth of the using the dim Light. These Lessons  for me were simpLer than I imagined but took time to realize how they work. In fact it took me until my mid 40s to experience my understanding of and benefit from these blessings and how they work. You may not understand aLot but this is the Tao  (the Path) , and within this Tao is Faith. IsLam teaches that faith takes time to develop. First we begin with our intention submission and
acceptance.  This is the personal war alot of us have to struggLe with . If we’re not in denial we’ll admit this may be a sLow painfuL process for ourseLves but this is where the HeaLing begins. There is a deep  peace and fundamental ordering process that happens after traveLing on the Path For awhile. Very deep, even with the chaos. But we need to sLow down and get our unit (physical, mental, spiritual) whoLe.

“And certainly We have made the Qur’an easy to remember, but is there any one who wiLL regard IT as important.” Qur’an 54:32

Why is IT (IsLamic Tao) vaLued?

“…For each of you We appointed a Law and a Way…” – Qur’an 5:48

“…Why is this Tao (Way) vaLued so much by the ancients? Is it not said that those who seek shaLL find and those with fauLt shaLL be forgiven? Thus, it is the greatest gift in the worLd.”
Tao Te  Ching, ch 62