Depending On “The Supreme”

“What the PeopLe fear i should fear too, but I can not depend on it in appLying myself”- Wang Pi, Tao Te Ching ch20 commentary

“…And we would certainly bear with patience your persecution of us. And on ALLah should the reLiant depend -Qur’an 14:12

     I previously blogged on this web site that I had a Looming fear that my Life was about to impLode. I’ve since become more at peace with the chaLLenges I currentLy  am encountering, however, aLL praise is due to ALLah. In the past I aLso had that fear on more than one occasion but things were no where near as bad as I imagined they would be. IsLam teaches Faith increases and decreases and right now mine is stabilizing.
     I read recentLy in the Quran how ALLah said His mercy encom-passes aLL things. That gives
hope and increases my peace of mind. So many times I think of some of the wrong I’ve done and get discouraged. But, with mercy and compassion there’s a brighter day. Mercy is given to the wrong doer, not the faultLess.
     When you begin (ever so sLowLy) to submit and yieLd to the Supreme, grief and fear begin to Lose their grip. HeaLing can then take pLace. By beginning this practice, you are tapping into the greatest power, beyond words and imagination.
     The Tao teaches that when you begin to submit to the way of the “Master of all of the worLds, which in our view is IsLam, you begin to heavily accumulate good/virtue, and with that accumulation of good the Limits become unknown.
     Derek Lin says the true Tao must be lived and appLied, to put him in my own words, otherwise it doesn’t matter how weLL we have Learned these Lessons.  I’ve been sincerely trying to practice my new understanding  for a little while and I’m experiencing much that increases my faith in The Supreme and ultimately my own weLLbeing if I believe in Him and strive as I ought to strive on His path. I wish thee the same.
     Try it, yourself. You may just find  that the first limit which then becomes unknown begins with truLy being mercifuL to your self. This in our belief  is yieLding/ submitting to the true “Master” of aLL the worLds, ALLah.

     -Yu Muhammad Zhivago