GraduaLLy Become CLear

“There is something formed in chaos before Heaven & Earth, silent and empty…” Tao Te Ching, ch 25

“…Who can be muddLed yet desist in stiLLness, graduaLLy become cLear?…” -Tao Te Ching, ch 15

LateLy, my life has been more “chaotic than I can ever remember it being except on 2 occasions: Army basictraining, and Leaving AtLanta ( a dream deferred). I don’t Lament this, though, I’m doing all I can to accept this present reaLity as I beLieve this wiLL make me a better person. To paraphrase the Qur’an: Believers are tested once or twice every year or two. I know I have had my share of testing since aduLthood and returning to IsLam, and I can honestly say it has heLped me many times, aLthough it did have its portion of fear and discomfort. Understanding this helps to “steeL” me with what I’m currently experiencing and increases my faith. I wish the same for Thee.

Another Thought For Today

“…And to heLp beLievers is ever incumbent on Us.”  -Qur’an 30:47

“The uLtimate purpose of the Book of The Way And Goodness ( Tao Te Ching) is to provide us with wisdom…that we can apply to Life. If we can’t do that…it doesn’t matter how weLL we understand the passages. The true Tao (Way) must be lived.” -Derek Lin (paraphrased)