AbaowT Lao Hip Hop & Hip Hop Lao

ALLaHu AkbaR( ALLah is GreaT; ALLaH is GreaTer;ALLaH is GreaTesT: LooseLy TransLaTed). I beLeev i jusT goT promoTed Tu being a Lao, SumHaoW; my KhAancepT of Lao iz basicaLLy LeaRning haoW To Jihaad aT Peace and wiTh ‘ease’: peacefuLLy struggLing/ sTriVing/ and/or ThriVinG Tu be ‘aT ‘Peace”+ ‘aT 1’,( in Tha name uv ALLah) Like MasTer Bruce Lee Teaches wiTH JeeT Kun Do. I beLiev This YouNg ‘Lao Man’ has ‘GreaT PoTenT-ShaLL’/PoTenTiaL.

Peace Kor (pLease forgive tha GreeTing’s’ RuFfneSs”.

MucH LuV, CiFe Lao


Yuu MuHaMmad ZhiVaGo


MuhaMmad ABduLLAH ShabaZz