aBaoWT Sum uv My “WesTSide Luv Hip Hop”

Ibn KhaLdun, A Moorish SocioLoGisT, wrote thaT tha nature uv hisToricaL governing was cyclicaL in NaTure: a “War Like” peopLe wouLd come Tu power ( by conQuesT uv oThers) and Then –in Time– become Woman Like,so To speak, when they became civiLized frum being Tha savages They were, and began pracTicing arTs and sciences other than Those which changed Their condiTion from ‘subservienT tu other men’ tu “MasTers uv Their own CoMmand”.

“ALLah doesNT change Tha condiTion uv a peopLe untiL They change what is in ThemseLvs,” ALLaH says in Tha NobLe Quran…

Im LuVving aLoT uv “Raw WeSTSide Luv HipHop”  (sMiLe)

AbaoWT ‘Pacifics’

i Luv This song. iT makes me think uv MaLcoM X. They used Tu caLL him ” Red”; jusT Like They did Redd Foxx. I was so jeaLous when i heard they wenT awn Tour wiTh Sade. I Luv her, as WeLL; EspeciaLLy, aLoT uv Her 1980’s StuFf. IT took Time and growTh Tu reaLLy Luv sum uv These…AKB (ALLah Knows BesT)

MiMW: MuhaMmad isHmaiL ManchuWuu

Keep SmiLing, my NucKa

AbaoWT “LoST soLs'”

Im almost 50 now,  and im starting tu luk back in alot mor spiritual way than i used Tu. I now acknowLedge 5 chiLdren uv mine: MandaLa Shinar, HaSAan,  AnGeL, ALi Baaba, and MiNGquu ChiNuKk. I know realistically i may not be tha father uv 1 (or i maybe tha faTher uv 100 or mor– hu knoWs if they take my seed when i go tu “Tha FieLd” and then implant it, later) but, in an effort tu make peace with my past and luk tu a brighT fuTure, i now acknowLedge these heirs in my daiLy prayer and meditation services. Tha RemeMbraNce uv Them uSuaLLy brings alot uv peace tu my heart (smiLe). Im sLowLy geTting a picTure uv Them and tha LeSsoNs im trying tu teach them and tha wurLd.

Peace be Tu Yuu,

Sayyid Muhammad iShMaiL ManchuWu


MuhaMmad A. Shabazz